Celebration of Craftsmanship & Design 2017

This is my first appearance as a exhibitor at this prestigious show that runs until 28th August


Pre-show jitters about whether my work belonged here were soon laid to rest once myself and Andrew Lawton got our pieces unloaded in readiness for the Friday night viewing.  Impressed by the standards on display and relieved that my work held it’s own, I have had some interesting and positive meetings with a great many people who really understand what the exhibitors at the show are trying to achieve.  The peer-to-peer networking that an event like this may even be as important as the potential for contacting new clients. Most makers are often under pressure to log long hours in their workshops, with only the tools for conversation.  Some of the most stimulating conversations have been with other makers. No tool geeking, no chin stroking, just honesty and dialog about the work.  Great stuff.

If you have the time and ability and even a passing interest in the craft, it really will be worth your while to get down to the show and see the amazing quality of workmanship and design you can get, often for high street prices.  Take the opportunity to talk to the exhibitors and ask about the work as it may present possibilities for your home you never knew existed.

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