standard pieces

Sometimes it is useful to see something before inspiration takes hold. This is where my standard pieces come into play.  I call them standard as every house has them, however, you can alter almost any aspect to your taste.  I would be delighted to chat with you and make them to fit your criteria and specification.

Any questions, just get in touch.

VM Dining Room Chair

Material: White Ash (fraxinus americana) & Danish cord

Size: H: 75cm W: 50cm D: 46cm

VM chair studio front
VM chair in ash and Danish cord

This chair is a design of Vidar Malmsten, the son of Carl Malmsten of Swedish cabinet making fame (see also James Krenov), dating from 1970.  There are examples of this design made by various makers from the US and Europe and it is something of a test piece in several US woodworking schools.  If you have a love for mid-century Scandinavian chic, then this should tickle your fancy.  I think it is a classic design that will never date and demonstrates that great design virtue of restraint.

This example is shown in ash, which suits the Scandinavian design well and is finished with a traditional soap finish.  The seat is made using Danish cord, finished with blonde shellac.  Other timbers are available, I recommend that a coarse grain timber works well as it adds a degree of presence to the delicate design.  Ash as shown, or oak for a warmer tone (finished with Danish oil).  If you wanted a darker hue, then American black walnut with Danish oil finish would give great visual impact.

Price Guide: £1350.00 as shown in ash or oak

Other Options:

  • Dining chair without arms: £1250.00
  • 6-set of 2 carvers and 4 dining chairs: £6995.00.
  • American black walnut: £1450.00 & £1350.00 ea.

Like it? Just get in touch to find out more how we can create your own special piece

Dining Table

Material: European white oak (quercus robar) with contrasting timber strips

Size: L: 163cm W: 83cm H: 73cm

A design of my own and one I am very proud of.  I love making these tables, they are such an integral part of the function of a home and are destined for generations of daily use. You will be leaving this to the great-grandchildren!

It is a conventional four-leg table design with my signature round-into-square leg profile, which is always a talking point.  I taper off the edges of the table top slightly so that the edges do not feel uncomfortable under the forearm.  The example shown has pear wood strips but I can also use cherry, walnut or bog oak (that most special of timbers I am lucky enough to use).  Due to the size of the piece I have to finish it off by flattening the top by hand with my beautiful no. 7 hand plane.  A process that takes a lot of time and simple, old-school, muscle but one that really makes a difference to the final piece.

Price Guide: £1350.00 as shown.

Other Options:

  • £1650.00 with de-mountable legs for tricky to access rooms.
  • With bog oak strip £P.O.A.
  • 8 seater also available, please contact me for details


Material: Holm oak (quercus ilex) or similar

Size: L: 150cm W: 30cm H: 45cm

Scorched oak bench
Scorched oak bench

Not all furniture needs to be curated and revered.  In many cases, we need robust durable furniture that will withstand the hard yards of family life and stay looking good, doing its job, year after year. This bench is made from very characterful oak that is strong, hard and durable.

The top has a gentle concavity that provides a very comfortable seat, one that is created using my 1930’s Stanley #20 compass plane. The construction is with traditional wedged through-tenons because these are simply the strongest joins for the application.  The finish is scorched, scrubbed and oiled to provide a gorgeous tactile surface with a deep treacle black colour, that will fit in almost any space be it your modern apartment, town house or cottage.

This bench is also suitable for use outside but please tell me if you intend it to go outdoors as this will affect the type of glue used.  Also available in a natural finish (no fire!), as well as other timbers such as ash or Wych elm (natural finish only). If you like the raised grain finish, but would like it in the timber’s natural colour, I can sand blast it and finish with a clear matt that is almost imperceptible to the eye but will guard against dog paws and wine. Please contact me if you would prefer a different finish or timber to that shown.  I can also provide this design with a simple back should you prefer.

Price guide: £695.00 as shown; with back rail £780.00


Split Top Coffee Table

Material: American black walnut (juglans nigra) & white oak (quercus americana)

Size: L: 90cm W: 55cm H: 44cm



Two leaves of black walnut ‘float’ above the frame of this table.  The contrast between the deep, rich walnut and lively, coarse oak creates a delightful tension and vibrancy. The rails are scrubbed and blackened oak.

Fixed by dry jointed (un-glued) slot dovetail rails which allow for the natural seasonal movement of solid wood.  The construction holds the leaves flat, resisting the tendency to bow or ‘cup’ away from the heartside (inner-side to the tree) of the plank.  This joint is traditionally used on chest lids and was used by Alan Peters in a 1983 side table as it has been here.

Price: £950.00

Alternative timbers available – please ask.


Like it? Just get in touch to chat about how we can create your own special piece